How to Fix Power Steering Rack Leak: Tips for You

How to Fix Power Steering Rack Leak

Power steering problems sometimes do occur and it makes it difficult to have effective steering. Notably, it’s the steering wheel that will distribute the hydraulic fluids to the car wheels hence making driving easier and also efficient. After some time using your car, the steering problems may begin and you will really want to get a lasting solution! Correct the mess by following the simple steps on how to fix power steering rack leak on your car. its really very simple steps that will bring back your power steering to its original status!

Initial Stages

When you detect some changes in your steering wheel, you can actually use some brake fluid to do a temporary fix by adding to the power steering reservoir! This may really not offer a lasting solution, you need to get a lasting solution by having a proper repair. To have this easily achieved, you will be required to pack your car in an elevated position. This will really mean that you should park your car on a ramp so that you can get enough space to work under the car! It’s at this position where you can easily access the rack and pinion.


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Clean Hoses and Locate the Leak

One of the key steps on how to fix power steering rack leak includes cleaning the hoses and locating the leaks. When you have accessed the rack and pinion, do a thorough cleaning of the rack and pinion by ensuring that you clean all kinds of dirt including the grease and also any form of fluids. This will be useful when you will be locating the leaks. After cleaning, the step is to fill the power steering reservoir with fluid. You will then be required to power your car and turn the steering wheel back and forth. This need to be done for at least 10 minutes after which you turn it off and inspect the hoses and pinions to locate any leaks. Instead, you notice any fluids, then you are sure of a leak since you had already done the cleaning!

Drain the Fluids and Replace Hoses, Gaskets and the Racks and Pinion!

This is now the last stage. When you have located the leaks, you will then need to drain the fluids so that you will initiate the repair process. Start by unbolting the hose that is tightly fixed. You will need the right equipment’s to simplify the process. After unbolting, you can actually do the replacement of the new hose and ensure that you do it nicely. Fixed them tightly.

Replace the Gaskets, racks and pinions if Need will Arise

In case the gaskets in the rack and pinions are also faulty, it will be good to replace them. If they are worn out and also dried, you will actually be required to replace them with the new ones. Fit them nicely and securely in the same spot. If the racks and pinions are faulty, use the leak stops so that you can effectively seal the cracked parts in the racks and opinions. You may even decide to entirely replace it so that the leaks are completely stopped.

Refill the Fluid on the Power Steering Reservoir

This is now the last stage on how to fix power steering rack leak. After doing a proper repair, you will need to refill the reservoir with new power steering fluids. After doing this, hopefully, your power steering issues will have been sorted

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