Ford F150 Power Steering Pump Leak: How to Fix

Fixing the Ford F150 Power Steering Pump Leak

Since millions of Ford F150 pickup trucks have been sold, some of these vehicle owners will face a problem of Ford F150 Power Steering Pump Leak. The Ford F150 truck is one of the most popular vehicles sold in the United States, and is part of the F-series trucks from Ford. The F150 series of trucks from Ford have been extremely popular among its customers since it was released more than 37 years, and it continues to be one of the best selling models of vehicles from Ford in its history. Like any electromechanical assembly, the performance of the vehicle will be affected over a period of time due to wear and tear.

Detecting the problem

Owners of F150 truck should not ignore any indication of the Ford-F150 Power Steering Pump Leak since it will be extremely expensive to repair it at a later date. Most drivers of the truck do not expect any kind of problem, yet if the vehicle is making more noise than usual, it is an indication that there is something wrong. If there is a leak of the steering fluid in the power steering, it will also become more difficult for the user to steer the Ford F150, more force will have to be applied by the user. Also the leaking fluid will accumulate below the truck.


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After the leak has been detected, the user should find out the exact cause of the Ford F150 Power Steering Pump Leak and ascertain that there is a problem only in the steering pump. There can be many reasons why the pump will leak since it has components made from various materials like rubber, steel and alloys. Rubber components like seals, gaskets are the softest of all the components which are used in the pump, and these components are most likely to be damaged resulting in fluid leakage due to shrinkage and cracks. Other components like nuts, bolts may be lose or missing, and also cause leakage.

Stop Leak Fluid

One of the most popular and inexpensive ways of fixing a Ford F150 Power Steering Pump Leak is by using a specially formulated stop-leak fluid. Since Ford F150 series vehicles are the top selling vehicles in the country, and are used to cover long distances, there are many stop-leak products which are specially formulated for these vehicles. The stop-leak fluid should be added to the reservoir in the vehicle according to the instructions provided, and the user should wait till the fluid acts on the rubber components which may cause the leak.

Alternative Options

It should be noted that the stop-leak liquid can only help fix the Ford F150 Power Steering Pump Leak if there is a problem caused by shrunk rubber parts. Since each vehicle is used differently, the problem in each vehicle may be different. In some cases, the pump may be damaged due to wear and tear, in other cases, the parts may be missing or rubber parts are completely torn. So if the vehicle owner is unable to fix the problem using stop leak and does not have the repair skills, it is better to consult an experienced mechanic, who will run diagnostic tests and fix the problem.