Power Steering Fluid Leaking Fast: How to Fix

How to Fix Power Steering Fluid Leaking Fast

Sometimes, vehicle owners will notice that power steering fluid leaking fast is a major problem for their vehicle. In these cases the steering of the vehicle is adversely affected, since more pressure has to be applied due to lack of fluid. Additionally the steering will also be making a whining noise. The fluid will be leaking fast only if there is a visible tear or damage to the hose, some connection is loose or some component in the power system system has got a large hole. Some tips for troubleshooting and fixing the problem are provided below.

Risks of Fluid Leakage

In cases of power steering fluid leaking fast, if the vehicle is being driven, the burning oil will usually have a distinct smell. Hence it is advisable to halt the vehicle immediately to fix the problem at the earliest. If the problem is not fixed and the vehicle continues to be driven, it may catch fire, and put the life of the driver and passengers if any at risk. If the vehicle is parked in a garage or parking lot, the fluid leaking fast will form a pool under the car. In this case, it is advisable to fix the problem first, before using the vehicle, since a lack of fluid could damage the other components.

Fixing Fluid Leakage

In cases of power steering fluid leaking fast, it is not easy for most vehicle owners to find out the cause of the problem and fix it since they do not have the relevant experience and tools to do so. It is advisable to contact a trained mechanic who will check the vehicle and find out what the problem is. In some cases, the hose or seal may have got a large hole or tear, while in other cases, some hardware may be missing due to which some components are loose, and the fluid is leaking. Since the mechanics are repairing a large number of vehicles, they are likely to find out the real reason for leakage quickly.

Part Replacement

For most cases of power steering fluid leaking fast, replacing the missing or damaged part is the only way to fix the problem permanently. The rubber or plastic parts should be identified accurately based on the model number and brand of the car. The price of the replacement part varies depending on the type of car. Usually the cost of the parts for domestic and budget cars is less compared to the cost of similar parts in imported and luxury cars. If the car owner is confident of his skills, he can replace the parts himself. However in most cases, it is advisable to hire a mechanic.

Mechanic Repairs

In most cases of Power Steering Fluid Leaking Fast, the vehicle owner will prefer to hire the services of a trained and experienced mechanic to diagnose the problem and fix it at the earliest. The mechanic may be able to find cheaper suppliers for the components required and the vehicle owner will also save both time and effort required for repairs. Additionally the mechanic will sometimes offer a warranty on the component as well as the workmanship. The vehicle owner can ask the mechanic for tips to maintain the vehicle well, so that a similar leakage does not occur in future.

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